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Creepy goings on: Top Tips for a Spooktacular Halloween

Here at The Party Company, Halloween is our busiest and best time of year. Our customers like to celebrate in so many different ways, from a full blown party, to simply going trick or treating. So we make it our 'ghoul' to have the shop stocked with all your essential halloween costumes, accessories, decorations, face paints, makeup and blood as possible.

Halloween has become big business in the last 10 years, and we find It’s quite often celebrated twice within the week. A party the weekend before, commonly know as Halloween Saturday (this year it’s Saturday 26th October) and then with trick or treating on actual Halloween (Thursday 31st October).

Many people live very busy lives these days, and not everyone is like us, and have had Halloween planned since March! Ha! Many will have to leave it until the last minute. We want to take the stress and last minute panic out of Halloween, so here’s a few survival tips to get you through the spooky part of the season:

Trick or Treating: If you're not a fan of trick or treaters knocking on your door, then baton down the hatches! Or maybe just leave your porch light off..many newspapers now also publish a poster you can put up to say no to trick or treaters. Alternatively if you're happy to supply everyone with a sugar rush of the century, maybe put a pumpkin outside the house to show parents that you're happy for people to knock on the door. If you are feeling generous in handing out all the goodies, make sure they are wrapped sweets, personally we try and give an option of sweets, chocolate and fruit, then all dietary requirements are met!

Fancy Dress: It’s always a tricky one! Everyone always thinks they have to go for the blood and disgust...when actually if you look at the Americans, in my opinion the kings and queens of Halloween (they’ve been celebrating longer) it’s more about imagination and creating the funkiest characters from their favourite books or tv shows. This, I feel can take the pressure off and makes it a lot easier, as you can just accessorise day to day outfits or build off fancy dress costumes you already have ie: pirate or princess costumes can be turned into dead pirates or princesses...spray with some fabric blood and paint yourself white with a dash of talcum powder through the back combed hair!

Decorations: Another favourite part of mine for Halloween, purely because there are SO many options these days. You can go from decorating your porch way with a carved pumpkin and some spiders web, to just the windows. Or go the whole hog with the entire house! Just do what you are happy to put up and take down, after all sometimes it’s only for the day!

Food: This is something fun to do with the children, from making edible fingers out of hot dogs, stuffy eyeballs from lycees to jelly brains, the creativity is endless, Pinterest is a fountain of knowledge for all your creative needs!

Check out The Party Co Pinterest for ideas and Inspiration

Finally, if you do decide to celebrate the frolics of Halloween, make sure you get to enjoy it and don’t make the to do list the impossible list!

Want to keep your little ones entertained this Half Term? Then why not come along to our Halloween Extravaganza?! Thursday 31st October. Located in The Pepperpot, just outside The Party Company in Godalming, Surrey. We will be celebrating Halloween with lots of activities for the Children, such as Face Painting, Monster Sock Puppet Making and biscuit decorating with The Crumby Bakery. Godalming Town will also have a pumpkin trail with many of the local shops in the town taking part. Follow the trail and take a wander from shop to shop and start the trick or treating early! Fancy Dress is optional!

We look forward to seeing you there 10am - 4pm.

Please note, some activities will have a small charge.

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