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How does a party shop start?

Well, this shop in particular was somebody else’s dream, I didn’t steal it honestly! 

I just got caught up in the ride and simply fell in love. 

The previous long term owner Inge opened the The Party Company at the top of Godalming High Street in Surrey over 15 years ago. After having a thriving online business, she decided a shop was the next step. As soon as the doors opened for the first time, I walked in and fell in love. Any excuse for a balloon or a party bag and I was there! 

After 6 months of me asking, and her other member of staff having an unfortunate allergic reaction to latex I was in! 

I have a history in retail and customer service, so adding balloons and all things party just added that extra bounce to my CV!

I was sent on my Fundamentals course with Qualatex balloons to learn all things inflation and design. I did this at the same time my best mate was training in the marines..not quite the same i know...when your mate is running marathons with weight on his back and your building spiral balloon archways! But never the less, everyone has a dream.

I was with the business for many years, including when it re opened in its current location. 

I then popped off for a few years to get married and have children, and settle into the family life. Then, out of the blue, just over 2 years ago, Inge called to say she was heading off for pastures new and would I be interested in buying the business? 

At this point I have two small children and I’m working part time for the National Autistic Society which I adore, however when you know you can own something special and something you love, you’ve just got to take the leap of faith! 

So on September 11th 2017 I became the new owner of the Godalming Party Company Ltd. As with anything in life, owning a business is a rollercoaster. Having managed the business for years, owning it is a different ball game, there’s ALOT more paperwork to start with, I also feel I have to be 2 seasons ahead all of the time! 

However, with the team I have around me, we have been able to build something incredible and it’s still continuing to grow with the support of our local community.

So to round up this little ditty I would like to introduce the team to you: 

Sindy Hammond Jones - Thats me! Director/Owner or otherwise known as the 'part time member of staff' (I still have two children to raise) Lover of friendship, Pantomime and Party Shops! 

Linda - Deputy Sales Manager 

Linda has been with the shop for over 4 years now. She’s the artistic one! All you have to do is look up at our ceiling to realise why! She can find you a costume out of fresh air and her knowledge of film and music is incredible. 

Caroline - Deputy Sales Manager 

Caroline came on board after she ‘offered to help’ in my first few weeks (she’s also one of my best friends). She's the creative one! Just check out the photos on our social media. She didn’t realise it at the time but she has an obvious flair and love for all things balloons and is brilliant at colour matching.

Alina - Saturday Survival Staff! 

Saturdays are busy, it’s generally the Party day of every week! She's the singing one! She loves a good Pantomime & Musical! Alina joined us for work experience back in 2018 and when she turned 16 in 2019 she knew she would be whipped right up! She maybe new to the team but her feet are finding themselves comfortably under the table. 

Megan - Saturday Survival Staff! 

When we advertised for the spot, Megan made sure I knew she was interested! She's the tidy one! Her thirst for knowledge within the business is creditable and she’s definitely the tidiest member! Alongside that her glitter writing is exceptional! 

Sadie and Sammy - our floating back up 

These ladies were part of the original team when I took over, and whilst they are at uni now and conquering all things emergency services they still pop by to help with the odd job, and bring us cake!

Cara - another one of my dearest friends that gets called in for many jobs! She's the eye for detail!

So that's us! That's the Team!

The Godalming Party Company is very lucky to have such a dynamic team and I love knowing that whenever a customer walks in saying ‘this is a strange request...’ we can usually fulfill it! 

I’m hoping that we continue to be part of your lives for all occasions as much as you have become part of ours 🎈

You can find out what our team get up to by visiting our About Us page on our website.

Here at The Party Company, Halloween is our busiest and best time of year. Our customers like to celebrate in so many different ways, from a full blown party, to simply going trick or treating. So we make it our 'ghoul' to have the shop stocked with all your essential halloween costumes, accessories, decorations, face paints, makeup and blood as possible.

Halloween has become big business in the last 10 years, and we find It’s quite often celebrated twice within the week. A party the weekend before, commonly know as Halloween Saturday (this year it’s Saturday 26th October) and then with trick or treating on actual Halloween (Thursday 31st October).

Many people live very busy lives these days, and not everyone is like us, and have had Halloween planned since March! Ha! Many will have to leave it until the last minute. We want to take the stress and last minute panic out of Halloween, so here’s a few survival tips to get you through the spooky part of the season:

Trick or Treating: If you're not a fan of trick or treaters knocking on your door, then baton down the hatches! Or maybe just leave your porch light off..many newspapers now also publish a poster you can put up to say no to trick or treaters. Alternatively if you're happy to supply everyone with a sugar rush of the century, maybe put a pumpkin outside the house to show parents that you're happy for people to knock on the door. If you are feeling generous in handing out all the goodies, make sure they are wrapped sweets, personally we try and give an option of sweets, chocolate and fruit, then all dietary requirements are met!

Fancy Dress: It’s always a tricky one! Everyone always thinks they have to go for the blood and disgust...when actually if you look at the Americans, in my opinion the kings and queens of Halloween (they’ve been celebrating longer) it’s more about imagination and creating the funkiest characters from their favourite books or tv shows. This, I feel can take the pressure off and makes it a lot easier, as you can just accessorise day to day outfits or build off fancy dress costumes you already have ie: pirate or princess costumes can be turned into dead pirates or princesses...spray with some fabric blood and paint yourself white with a dash of talcum powder through the back combed hair!

Decorations: Another favourite part of mine for Halloween, purely because there are SO many options these days. You can go from decorating your porch way with a carved pumpkin and some spiders web, to just the windows. Or go the whole hog with the entire house! Just do what you are happy to put up and take down, after all sometimes it’s only for the day!

Food: This is something fun to do with the children, from making edible fingers out of hot dogs, stuffy eyeballs from lycees to jelly brains, the creativity is endless, Pinterest is a fountain of knowledge for all your creative needs!

Check out The Party Co Pinterest for ideas and Inspiration

Finally, if you do decide to celebrate the frolics of Halloween, make sure you get to enjoy it and don’t make the to do list the impossible list!

Want to keep your little ones entertained this Half Term? Then why not come along to our Halloween Extravaganza?! Thursday 31st October. Located in The Pepperpot, just outside The Party Company in Godalming, Surrey. We will be celebrating Halloween with lots of activities for the Children, such as Face Painting, Monster Sock Puppet Making and biscuit decorating with The Crumby Bakery. Godalming Town will also have a pumpkin trail with many of the local shops in the town taking part. Follow the trail and take a wander from shop to shop and start the trick or treating early! Fancy Dress is optional!

We look forward to seeing you there 10am - 4pm.

Please note, some activities will have a small charge.

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